Community Support Agency Grant Program


Now accepting applications for the FY 2025 Commmunity Support Agency Grant.

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We recognize that not-for-profit organizations fill an important role in improving the quality of life for our community. To encourage not-for-profit organizations to provide services to residents of Newport News, we have established a system to award monetary grants to qualified not-for-profit organizations. These grants are intended to:

  • Provide funding to not-for-profit agencies serving the city of Newport News whose services are easily accessible to Newport News residents and whose service costs can be documented.
  • Provide incentive funding to develop new services or capital improvements to meet specific needs of Newport News residents and to complement services provided by city departments.

These grants are incentives designed to foster new services or expand existing services in the city. A goal of the process is to encourage community/local/citizen support for programs so that city funds can be replaced with funds from other sources. This will allow the city funds to be directed toward new programs in the future.

  1. Action Calendar
  2. Application
  3. Award Process
  4. Eligibility
  5. Reporting Forms
Date Action
October Agencies can access grant application and budget worksheets from website
December Agencies submit grant applications by 5 p.m. on posted due date
February Applications are reviewed by City staff
March City Manager presents Recommended Operating Budget, including CSAG funding
April City Council holds public hearings on the Recommended Budget
May City Council adopts Operating Budget, including CSAG funding
June Grant award letters are sent to agencies
July 30 Grantees submit first quarter required forms in accordance with reporting requirements
July/August First quarter payments disbursed after receipt and review of required forms
November   Second quarter payments disbursed automatically (no reports required)
January 15 Grantees submit third quarter required forms in accordance with reporting requirements
January Oversight departments verify consistency of proposed services with services delivered
February Third quarter payments disbursed after receipt and review of required forms
July 15
Grantees submit fourth quarter required forms in accordance with reporting requirements
July Oversight departments verify consistency of proposed services with services delivered
July Fourth quarter payments disbursed
  1. Capital Projects
  2. Non-Capital Projects

Capital Projects

Agencies may request funding from the city of Newport News for capital improvements, equipment purchases and extraordinary or special events. The following definitions apply to requests for funding in this category:

  • Capital Improvement: any new or replacement project designed to add to or replace buildings, major building components (ex. HVAC systems) or other infrastructure. Repair or renovation projects qualifying for capitalization rather than expensing also qualify as capital improvements.
  • Extraordinary Events: an expense so unusual in type or amount as to be accorded special treatment. Generally, these expenses are unplanned and result from destruction of property due to catastrophic events such as extreme weather or fire.
  • Special Events: an expense associated with an event that occurs without regularity. Examples are festivals, fairs, shows, participation in regional, state or national competitions, etc., which do not occur annually.


It shall be the policy of the City Council that funding may be provided to agencies for any of the above named items only after all other avenues of funding have been exhausted and all other provisions of the Community Support Agency Policy have been satisfied. The following additional provisions apply:

  • Emergency funding for Extraordinary Events may be requested at any time. Funding granted by the city is dependent upon the availability of funds.
  • Funding for Capital Projects, Equipment and/or Special Events must be requested during the regular budget preparation cycle as outlined in this Policy.

Agencies awards CSAG funding specifically for capital and/or equipment purchases are to submit the following to the city:

  • Conditions of Grant Award (PDF): The agency's director or designee must sign the Conditions of Grant Award to accept the grant. The Conditions of Grant Award outlines the requirements of the grant, and must be returned prior to the release of the first payment.
  • Summary of Proposed Capital Expenses (XLS): List the proposed capital/equipment purchases on the Capital Expenses Form and submit it by July 30.
  • Copies of payments and invoices related to the capital and/or equipment expenses.

Additional Requests

For one-time construction or equipment requests, payments may be made in one payment at the discretion of the Department of Budget and Evaluation. No exceptions to this policy are permissible and there is no appeal process.

If the purchase is dependent upon receipt of the funds from the city of Newport News, the agency is to provide a copy of a purchase order or other documentation that shows the actual cost of the item(s). The city will then release the funds to the agency. Any remaining balance of the CSAG funding award may not be used for any other purpose. These funds will revert to the city of Newport News.