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This Year’s Health Management Program is Back and Offering a $100 Gift Card to All Participants!

We are kicking off this year’s health management program with a new incentive – Keeping the P.A.C.E. We have partnered with Viverae, our wellness program provider, to help create healthier lifestyles for employees. Keeping the P.A.C.E. allows every fulltime employee the opportunity to earn a $100 Visa gift card this year! Each letter in P.A.C.E. represents a different step of the program.

P Physical! Get your annual physical and input your biometric screening results

AAssessment! Take Viverae’s Member Health Assessment

CCoaching! Complete the assigned Viverae Coaching Sessions

E Earn!  Earn 300 Viverae points through Keeping the P.A.C.E. and you will receive a $100 VISA gift card!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Information you provide Viverae is completely confidential. The City will only be given an employee name and a point total from Viverae in order to award the gift card.

Keeping the P.A.C.E. – the details

Physical (100 points)

Complete your annual physical* and input your Biometric Screening Results to Viverae.  Schedule your annual physical with your physician and make sure to get a copy of your lab results as you’ll need those to input your biometric data at to complete this section. If you’ve already had your physical this year – great! Simply obtain a copy of your lab results from the doctor’s office or through your doctor’s online portal (Riverside and Sentara offer results online). Instructions on how to register as a new user can be found by downloading this brochure.

Remember: annual physicals are free for employees on any health plan. Under the Affordable Care Act, all health plans must provide the annual physical at no cost to the member.


*The mandatory Public Safety physical will meet the annual physical requirement to participate in Keeping the P.A.C.E. A second physical for public safety employees is not required; however, all employees will need a copy of their lab results in order to input their biometric data at in order to complete the biometric requirement.

Assessment (100 points)

Complete the Member Health Assessment. Viverae’s Member Health Assessment is an online tool where you can evaluate your health and take preventive steps to a healthier lifestyle.  Employees will log in to the Viverae portal at and complete the brief Member Health Assessment questionnaire about your health and lifestyle.


Coaching (100 points)

Participate in Coaching Sessions. This is a new step to assist employees with healthy lifestyle choices. Once you have entered your biometric data and completed the questionnaire, Viverae will determine your Health Score. Based on your Health Score, you will have either one or two coaching sessions. You will be assigned a certified Health Coach and during your sessions you may discuss any health related questions or concerns, and work on any health, nutrition, or fitness goals that you may have. Coaching sessions will be conducted by telephone or through a secure online portal.

Earn a $100 Visa gift card! Every fulltime employee can earn a $100 Visa gift card by completing these steps. Gift cards will be issued quarterly.