Ink and Toner Cartridge Recycling

It’s Easy! It’s Free!

  1. Order your free boxes from Office Depot, using the same form as for ordering office supplies. Use SKU# 650988 for the larger box to hold toner cartridges, SKU# 621558 for the smaller box to hold ink cartridges. Disregard the “restricted item” note.
  2. Set up the boxes where the cartridges will be collected. Use the provided signs to let employees know how and which box to use for their cartridges.
    • Employees should enclose each cartridge in old packaging or paper and place them in the appropriate recycling box.
    • Put the small ink cartridges in the small box, the big toner cartridges in the big box.
  3. When the box is full, tape the box shut and go to to schedule a free UPS pick up.
  4. Please report the number of each size box you send out to per shipment, monthly, or annually – whichever is your preference. This data is needed for the annual DEQ Recycling Report.

Downloadable Cartridge Recycling signs:

If you need assistance or have any problems, call 757-933-2311.