Office Recycling Container Information

We have found that people are more likely to recycle when it is convenient, so departments are encouraged to place a blue recycling container next to each trash can, rather than only in centralized locations.  In fact, you may want to consider what several other offices are doing, which is placing recycling bins in each office/area and putting trash containers only in centralized or common areas.  

The Recycling Office is funded by RESIDENTIAL Solid Waste User Fees, so we are unable to purchase recycling containers for City offices.  

A typical wastebasket-sized (7 gallons) blue recycling container is available for under $10 at Office Depot, Home Depot, or Amazon..   Although the size of the office recycling container can be adjusted to meet your need, it is important that the color of the recycling container be blue to reduce confusion with any future custodial staff changes.  For your convenience, this link lists several types of blue recycling containers offered at Office Depot.

 If you currently have, or wish to repurpose a non-blue container or cardboard box to use as a recycling container, it will be necessary for you to make sure your custodian(s) knows that container is for recyclables.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to reduce your impact to the environment and help ensure our future generations have the same resources we enjoy today!