City Building Recycling Program (Except City Center)

Did you know that on average, up to 75% of waste generated in the work place is recyclable? That’s why it just makes sense to place recycling containers in all areas, and (new trend!) perhaps centralize the trash cans! Take a look at what you are discarding… do you really generate much non-recyclable trash on your own? Office Recycling Container Information is available.

Please recycle: 

Paper, flattened cardboard, aluminum cans (emptied and rinsed), plastic bottles with caps (emptied and rinsed), glass bottles and jars (emptied and rinsed), cracker paperboard boxes and soup cans (emptied and rinsed).

Please discard in trash can:

Paper towels, tissues, chip bags, snack wrappers, plastic utensils, Styrofoam containers, cups, food soiled items.

Downloadable recycling signs (several to choose from):

If you do not currently have a recycling program in your office area, please call 757-933-2311. Departments will need to purchase office recycling containers.