Specialty Teams


Already a firefighter/medic and looking to take your training to the next level? Consider joining one of our specialty teams who supply our department with specialized data, equipment and expertise during an emergency. Help provide specialized preparedness and response to potential catastrophic events.

  1. Bomb Squad
  2. Hazardous Materials
  3. Marine Incident
  4. Technical Rescue
Bomb Squad

The Newport News Fire Department Bomb Squad is nationally accredited by the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board and the FBI – Hazardous Devices Operations Center, and is one of only 40 fire department based bomb squads in the United States. The squad is organized under the auspice of the FBI and actively participates as a member of the Hampton Roads Regional Metropolitan Bomb Squad (HRRMBS).

The Newport News Bomb Squad is composed of 15 fire department members and three police department members that work closely with outside agencies to include the FBI, ATF, local police tactical operations units, and various military units to ensure a rapid and resilient response to possible Explosive Ordinance Incidents.