Engine & Medic Displays

NNFD Station TourWe will visit your organization or community event!


Please call the Fire Department's Public Education  Bureau at 757-975-5400 at least 2 weeks before your event to schedule a fire engine or medic display. The display must be within the Newport News city limits.

Number of People

We require a minimum of 50 people for a fire engine or a medic display at your event. Children must be accompanied by responsible adults.

Age Level

Ages 4 and above are permitted. These vehicles could be called to an emergency during their display, so please maintain control over the children in your group.

Length of Display

The length of display can be up to 2 hours maximum.

Topics Covered

  • Firefighters are helpers
  • Matches and lighters are tools not toys
  • Overview of Fire Engine or Medic
  • Calling 911 for an emergency
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll