Ambulance Fee Information

The Newport News Fire Department complies with the national standard for ambulance transport fees.

  • Basic Life Support Transport: $500
  • Advanced Life Support - Level 1: $600
  • Advanced Life Support - Level 2:  $750
  • Evaluation - Non-Transport: $125
  • Rate of Mileage: $11 per loaded mile

Payment of Ambulance Transport Fees

  • The ambulance transport fees ("the Fees") established by City code Section 16-60 shall be charged to every patient transported by the Newport News Fire Department in an emergency medical services vehicle without regard to that patient's ability to pay.
  • References to the term "patient" responsibility in these Regulations shall mean either (i) the person actually receiving medical service by the City of Newport News, Virginia ("the City") or (ii) the person who is legally responsible for the person who receives emergency medical service by the City.

Hardship Waiver Criteria

  • This section establishes criteria permitting a Hardship Waiver applicable to payment of Fees.
  • Patients shall be responsible for payment of Fees in accordance with these Regulations unless they have applied for, and been granted, a Hardship Waiver.
  • Hardship Waiver applications may be obtained from the Fire Department. Notice of the availability of Hardship Waivers shall be printed on the insurance information request form submitted with the initial billing for the Fees. The Hardship Waiver application shall be developed by the Fire Chief or his designee.
  • Hardship Waiver applications shall be submitted to the Fire Chief or his designee. Such applications shall not be processed unless accompanied by a copy of the patient's most recent Federal Income Tax Return. If the Hardship Waiver is approved, the patient's Fees shall be waived.
  • The City's Hardship Waiver standard shall be based upon the Federal Poverty Guidelines published annually by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (or successor agency if such is established). Hardship Waivers shall be granted if the patient's "adjusted gross income," as established by their Federal Tax Return, is less than two hundred (200) percent of the published poverty rate. The rate shall be established effective July 1 of each year and shall remain effective until June 30 of the succeeding year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Emergency Medical Services billing office at 757-975-5423.

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