Community Risk Reduction Division

The Newport News Community Risk Reduction Division takes a proactive approach regarding the protection of lives and property by ensuring safe fire protection practices within the business and industrial community. The division in divided into three bureaus: Public Education, Fire Inspections and Fire Investigations.

Public Education Bureau

The Newport News Fire Department's Public Education Bureau presents programs to preschool, 1st grade, 4th grade, and other school populations as requested.  The Public Education Bureau also coordinates the department's smoke alarm program, as well as other community safety programs.

Fire Inspection Bureau

The Fire Inspection Bureau is responsible for enforcing the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code as well as applicable sections within the Code of the City of Newport News. Through a comprehensive combination of code enforcement and education, fire inspection personnel work with property owners and occupants to eliminate fire hazards that are found in commercial properties and other public buildings. They also issue permits for activities such as tents and public fireworks displays, as well as investigate complaints from the public.  Inspectors, who are sworn as conservators of the peace, provide annual inspections to an average of over 4,000 properties per year.

Fire Investigation Bureau

Investigators assigned to the Fire Investigation Bureau are responsible for investigating fires, explosives, explosions, and threats to burn. They may also be called to investigate and prosecute other related crimes committed in conjunction with one of the above incidents to include environmental issues. All uniformed personnel assigned to the division are sworn law enforcement officers and work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.