Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical service units are available at all city fire stations. The Fire Department takes advantage of all state training programs for EMS. The Newport News Fire Department utilizes the services of the Peninsula's Emergency Services Council (PEMS), a non-profit corporation that assists local governments in developing their emergency medical services. In addition, the Fire Department supports a career program in which personnel are trained as both advanced life support (ALS) medical technicians and firefighters.


The Newport News Fire Department participates in PulsePoint, a nationally recognized mobile app that empowers citizens to help save lives.

The app, which interfaces with the City's dispatch system, alerts CPR trained users when someone nearby is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Users indicate they are trained in CPR and willing to perform it when they sign up for the app. They are alerted when a person in need of CPR is within a quarter of a mile and in a public place.

Studies show that early CPR and cardiac defibrillation with an automatic external defibrillator, or AED, can significantly increase a person's chance of survival. The PulsePoint app shows bystanders the nearest location of an AED. The app also provides instructions for performing CPR and using an AED, among other features.

Visit www.pulsepoint.org for more information. Download the app in the Google Play and Apple stores.