Information on our School Programs for Teachers

The Newport News Fire Department's Public Education Bureau presents programs to preschool, 1st grade, 4th grade, and other school populations as requested. This page is designed to complement the educational programs provided. We encourage you to make fire and life safety part of your everyday curriculum. The activities below are some suggestions. If you would like other ideas or materials, please contact the Public Education Office at 757-975-5400.

Preschool Lesson PLans

  • Matches and Lighters are Tools
  • Firefighters are Helpers
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll
  • Crawl Low Under Smoke

First Grade Lession Plans

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Get Out - Stay Out
  • Crawl Low Under Smoke
  • 911

Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

The NNFD's 4th Grade "Get SAFE Smart" program provides lessons in fire behavior, home escape, home fire hazards, and the consequences of fire play.

Virginia Department of Fire Programs

Visit the Virginia Department of Fire Programs for lesson plans correlated with Virginia's Standards of Learning.

Other Activities

Add these fun fire and life safety links to your bookmarks: