Directions & Parking

Circuit Court Directions & Parking Information
Need to know how to get to the Newport News Circuit Court? What about parking?

Location of Courts
Circuit Courts 1–4 are located on the third floor of the court building at 2500 Washington Avenue. Circuit Court 5 is located on the 1st floor of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court building at 2501 Huntington Avenue. As can be seen on Map 1 and Map 2, these buildings are on opposite sides of the same block.

Parking may be found in the designated parking areas as shown on Map 2, or in designated areas on surrounding streets. The parking rates for the area designated between 26th and 28th Streets are:

Hourly rate
Lost ticket
Maximum daily fee

The parking area designated between 25th and 26th Streets is presently $3 per day, or any part thereof; however, please look for signs which may change this status. The parking area by City Hall between 23rd and 25th Street is free, but with a 2-hour time limit. Parking at no charge may also be found along surrounding streets; however, please note any posted time limits.

Please note: The parking garage at the corner of 25th Street and Huntington Avenue is reserved for city employees.

Jurors must display their Juror Parking Permit when parking in the area designated between 26th and 28th Streets. In addition, if the designated parking area between 26th and 28th Streets is full, jurors may use without cost any lawful public parking space on a city street by displaying the Juror Parking Permit provided by the Clerk's Office.