Interested in LDA but still have questions????  

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions 


1.  How long do you have to be employed in order to apply for LDA? 

There is no minimum amount of "employed" time in order to apply for LDA.  The most competitive applicants will have some demonstrated leadership experience as well as participation in other training activities. 

2.  Any employee can apply not just supervisors/managers?  

We encourage employees of all levels and departments to apply to the program.  Leadership exists among all levels. 

 3.  When does LDA I & LDA II start?  

Both programs for FY23 will start in September or October and end June 2023 

4.  How long are the courses/classes? 

Generally classes are 4 hours and alternate between the morning and afternoon.  Most sessions are scheduled over (2) consecutive days.  For example, (Day 1) 1pm-5pm& (Day 2) 8am-12pm 

5.  How often do participants meet? 

Generally classes are held 1-2 times a month. Participation in LDA II requires completion of a large scale group project.  The amount of time needed for the project can vary based on the scope and complexity of the project as well as the employee's role on the project. 

 6.  If something comes up and I have to miss a course/class, how many may I miss before becoming ineligible to participate?  LDA I participants are allowed to miss three (3) classes, LDA II participants are allowed to miss two (2). 

7.  What time, outside of course/class work time, should be committed in order to be successful? 

LDA I participants may required to read a book outside of class time and course assignments.  

8.  Are any extra-curricular activities required/necessary? (besides LDA II 6-month practicum) 


9. Should I notify my supervisor if I’m interested in applying for LDA? 

Yes, we encourage you to notify and discuss the LDA opportunity with your immediate supervisor.  A supervisor endorsement is required for all LDA applications.  Supervisors are encouraged to review the informational content specific to LDA participation for employees. 


10.  When should I expect to receive notification on whether or not I was accepted in the LDA Program?

The application period is July 15th-August 1st.  All applicants will be notified no later than August 31st