Training Testimonials

Testimonials from the Recent Training and Workshop Participants

Q: What information can you take from this course and use on the job?

Total Quality Management, August 2017

"Quality reflects attitude; commiserate to the voice of the customer who could be anyone to include co-workers not just vendors, the community we serve; take time to communicate and educate more to help keep the process flowing effectively".

Decision Making, July 2017

"The information I can take on the job is, when making a decision, we need to focus on prioritizing, who will the decision affect, the results of the decision, short-term/ long-term and utilize time management wisely. refrain from criticizing the ideas of others and be open-minded to change".

Myers Briggs Type Indicator, July 2017

"Recognizing the different personalities in my coworkers and who I am and how I can change my communication attempts to be the most productive".