Forensic Technician Information

What Does a Forensic Technician Do?

Responds to major and/or complex crime scenes to identify, document, preserve and collect evidence.  In addition, the Forensic Technician processes evidence for prints, writes reports, testifies in court, attends autopsies and assists police officers.  Forensic Technicians work closely with a variety of other professionals involved in the investigation and prosecution of cases.

Do I need a degree?

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Police Science, Chemistry, Biology, Forensic Science (or a related field), and 3-4 years of experience in evidence identification, preservation and collection.

How do I get experience?

Check with other local law enforcement agencies or private companies for internships or other forensic courses/certifications.

How much do you get paid?

Newport News offers salaries competitive with local agencies in addition to other benefits.

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Important Considerations for the Position

  • Written Test Prior to Employment
  • Declaration of Specialty
  • Training Opportunities
  • Physical Requirements
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