Consumables Transitioning Grant (CTG) Program

The City of Newport News is proud to announce the Consumables Transitioning Grant (CTG) Program. This program is designed to assist businesses and organizations that have been impacted by the renaming of Middle Ground Boulevard with updating ;business consumables, marketing materials, web-based material and directional and business location-related identifiers to reflect their new City Center Boulevard address.

A few of the program highlights include:

  • The CTG Program is a one-time $500 grant available to all businesses or organizations located at a City Center Boulevard address which was previously a Middle Ground Boulevard or Spring Road address
  • Only consumables, marketing materials and web-based materials which made specific reference to the former Middle Ground Boulevard or Spring Road address in reference to the business or organization's location are eligible to be replaced through the CTG program
  • CTG funds will be provided as reimbursement to approved applicants once all appropriate documentation (invoices marked paid, cleared checks, sample of eligible consumable item, etc.) has been received and verified by City staff; and
  • The program will be available to eligible businesses and organizations during the calendar year 2015.

Download the CTG Program Guidelines and Application (PDF).

Jared Midkiff
Marketing & Development Coordinator
Department of Development
City of Newport News
Phone: 757-597-2840 ext. 2