Employee Awards

CARE Award Program


The CARE Program has been established to recognize employees and/or groups who demonstrate the City's core values. The award promotes the effectiveness of performing in a way that is customer friendly and brings about customer satisfaction internally as well as externally.

The CARE Awards Program's Purpose, Criteria for being nominated, Eligibility, Process, Awards, and Additional Recognition:

Purpose: As employees exemplify the organizational values of commitment, caring and collaboration they can be nominated for and selected as City Ambassadors Recognized for Excellence. The Care Program is intended to recognize committed individuals and collaborative teams whose outcomes increase efficiency and effectiveness within the organization. The benefits of the CARE Program include strengthening of the City's organizational values, maximizing employee performance and continued employee development, appreciation of both internal and external customer needs, a clear understanding of customer friendly service delivery, and a satisfying work environment for all levels of employees.

Criteria: The organizational values of Commitment, Caring and Collaboration (3C's) are used as a basis for the nomination criteria. Employees and/or groups of employees may demonstrate one or more of the organizational values in their daily work.


Excellence, Responsive to Public Service, Leading by Example, or Ethical Culture


Customer Service, Responsive Decision-Making or Maximizing Employee Potential


Communication or Teamwork

Eligibility: Any current employee or group of employees who are in good standing except for those employees in management level positions. An employee can be nominated multiple times, but may only be selected one time per calendar year.

Process: The Nomination Forms will be available in each department and are available for download from the City's Intranet web site. Forms must be completed in full. Assistance with the nomination form will be available from Human Resources, if needed, and the completed forms must be submitted to Human Resources for initial screening. Recipients will be chosen by the CARE Selection Committee based on nominator’s statements on how the nominee demonstrates one or more of the City’s organizational values. There may be multiple recipients in any given month.

The Selection Committee will review and recommend the most qualified CARE recipients to receive the City Manager's Award. The slate of candidates will be presented to the City Manager for final selection.

Awards: Selected employees, their supervisors and nominators will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision by Human Resources. All eligible nominees will receive a letter of recognition. Selected employees will receive a CARE Certificate of Recognition and CARE lapel pin. Additional Recognition includes:

  • Highlighted in the City Scope newsletter
  • Formally recognized at a Leadership Team meeting
  • Eligible for the City Manager's Award.

City Manager's Award

Purpose: Each year the City Manager selects and recognizes an employee or group of employees who have made exceptional contributions to the organization.

Eligibility: Employees who received CARE Awards during the calendar year are eligible to receive the City Manager's Award as long as they are in good standing with their department.

Process: The pool of nominations is derived from that calendar year’s CARE award recipients. The CARE Selection Committee selects the top several awardees for the City Manager to consider. The selected employee or employees from that list receive a special certificate, plaque and gift selection and are recognized at a Leadership Team Meeting or similar event.