Service Awards


Service Awards

The City of Newport News recognizes and honors employees when they reach service milestones. Although annual recognition for years of service is important, those who celebrate anniversaries for every 5 years of service receive a special token of appreciation that illustrates the value they've added to public service. The Service Awards program, developed by City employees, is just one such way that the City recognizes employee contributions.

Eligibility: Full-time employees are recognized for their service in 5-year increments. Employees must be employed on their anniversary in order to receive an award. A break in service of six months or more restarts the employee’s eligibility to receive an award. Years of service for the Service Awards program is calculated differently than years of service for retirement or any other purpose.

Process: Employees celebrating a service milestone should receive their award during their anniversary month. Employees celebrating between 5-15 years of service receive a certificate and a pre-selected award. Employees celebrating 20 or more years of service are given the opportunity to select an award from the award selection provided by the vendor.

Retirement Awards

Thank you for your service!  What an amazing accomplishment!


To help you celebrate this significant milestone the City of Newport News wants to make sure that you know you are appreciated!  We invite those employees who are eligible for retirement to submit their information in order to receive information on how to select your retirement gift!

The following link will take you to the Interest Form
Retirement Gift Interest Form