City Operating Budget

  1. Adopted FY 2022
  2. Recommended FY 2022

Adopted Budget

Previous Fiscal Years

Use the links below to view the Adopted and Recommended Operating Budgets for the previous fiscal year. Prior budgets are also available. Hard copies are available for review in all Newport News public libraries.

  1. Adopted FY 2021
  2. Recommended FY 2021
  3. Prior Budgets

Adopted Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

On May 12, 2020 City Council adopted the Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021, which includes no tax or fee increase. The adopted budget differs slightly from the City Manager’s recommended budget and includes no tax or fee increases. Prior to adoption, the City Manager recommended that the proposed $0.40 per month ($4.80 per year) increase in the stormwater management fee that was in the recommended budget not be approved as the slowing down of capital projects has negated the need for the increase. Council adopted the budget without that fee increase. The adopted FY 2021 budget includes full funding of the schools request. The city’s revenue picture over the course of the next several months is unclear due to the pandemic, and all new expenses along with several current ones are being held until there’s a better understanding of revenues for next fiscal year.

The 2021 Adopted Budget Book may be found at the link below. In addition the budget may also be viewed in the Budget Portal found on the website of the Department of Budget and Evaluation.