Environmental Management System

The City of Newport News Environmental Management System (EMS) is a structured program that is modeled on the ISO 14001 standard.  This is a voluntary international standard that assists in the development and implementation of a series of practices and procedures that come together to result in a functional EMS.  It allows City departments to identify and assess the environmental aspects and impacts of operations, establish realistic and measurable goals for improving environmental performance, and develop programs and procedures to effectively achieve environmental goals.  Our EMS is built around the Stewart Deming Quality Management System concept of “Plan-Do-Check-Act”.  The process began by developing an environmental policy, planning the EMS, and then implementing it. The process also includes checking the system and acting on it. The model is continual because our EMS is a process of improvement in which we are constantly reviewing and revising the system.

The City has chosen this system for the purpose of utilizing environmental management practices that promote:  

  •     Improvement of environmental performance in City government
  •     Environmental leadership and stewardship in employees
  •     Pollution prevention and waste minimization for operations
  •     Improved credibility and relationships with regulators and the community
  •     A clean and sustainable community for citizens and visitors.

The Department of Engineering, Environmental Management Division administers the City-wide EMS program by providing guidance for the development and implementation of EMS programs and facilitating organized expansion throughout the City organization. The Division partners with the various city departments to minimize impacts on the environment, and assists employees to take an active role in the EMS program by supporting the integration of environmental awareness into daily functions of the workforce.

The City of Newport News has a number of EMS programs currently implemented in various departments which are recognized in the Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Environmental Excellence Program, as well as several that are currently under development:

  •     Parks, Recreation & Tourism
  •     Public Works
  •     Adult Corrections
  •     Engineering
  •     Fire Department
  •     Public Utilities

The City has implemented this system to ensure that environmental considerations are built into the existing management framework, and becomes part of the way we conduct daily business. It has proven to be a tool that has enhanced our fulfillment of our environmental responsibilities, reduced our overall waste streams, conserved water and energy, and reduced the liability risks associated with environmental impacts.  City government recognizes that reducing negative impacts on the environment is important to the citizens of Newport News, and has committed to maintaining the environment by developing an Environmental Policy  PDF.  This policy is used as a guiding document for all planning and action related to the EMS.  Please browse our policy as well as our ever-growing environmental links page for more environmental information.

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