City Government

  1. Boards, Commissions & Committees

    Want to become a member of a board, commission or committee and help provide specific administrative direction? Apply today.

    1. Architectural Review Boards

      Learn about the Architectural Review Boards for our two historical areas; Hilton Village and North End-Huntington Heights. Details include board minutes, documents and maps.

    2. Board of Appeals

      Get information regarding building code appeals by visiting the official Board of Appeals page.

    3. Board of Review of Real Estate Assessments

      Get information regarding property reassessments including the process and any pertinent applications.

    4. Board of Trustees for Pensions & Retirement

      Learn more about this board and how it establishes rules to the administration of the retirement fund.

    5. Board of Zoning Appeals

      Read through some informative PDFs to learn about the Board of Zoning Appeals.

    6. Commemoration Advisory Committee

      Learn about the Commemoration Advisory Committee.

    7. Committee on Investments - Retirement Fund

      Learn about the Committee on Investments - Retirement Fund

    8. Comprehensive Plan Citizen Advisory Committee

      Read an overview about the Comprehensive Plan Citizen Advisory Committee which is responsible for guiding the Planning department in future development of the City.

    9. Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center Board

      Learn about the duties of the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center Board.

    10. Eastern Virginia Medical School Board of Visitors

      Learn more about the duties and responsibilities of the Eastern Virginia Medical School Board of Visitors.

    11. Hampton-NN Community Services Board

      Learn about the Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board including its purpose and meetings.

    12. Hampton-NN Community Criminal Justice Board

      Learn about the Hampton-Newport News Community Criminal Justice Board including its purpose and members.

    13. Hilton Village Architectural Review Board

      Learn about the Hilton Village Architectural Review Board including its purpose, members and meetings.

    14. Hispanic Advisory Committee

      Learn about the Hispanic Advisory Committee including its purpose, members and meetings.

    15. Human Services Advisory Board

      Learn the purpose and read an overview of the Human Services Advisory Board

    16. Industrial Development Authority

      Learn the purpose of the Industrial Development Authority.

    17. Insight Enterprises Board of Directors

      Learn the purpose of the Insight Enterprises Board of Directors and when they meet.

    18. Law Library Advisory Committee

      Learn the purpose behind the law library advisory committee.

    19. Newport News Arts Commission

      The Newport News Arts Commission (NNAC) provides support for the arts and cultural activities within the City of Newport News and activities within Greater Hampton Roads that serve the city's residents.

    20. Newport News Community Policy & Management Team

    21. Newport News Human Rights Commission

      The Newport News Human Rights Commission acts as a safeguard for all individuals within the city from unlawful discrimination.

    22. Newport News Occasions, Inc.

      Newport News Occasions, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization to maintain responsible financial control and to enhance the city's ability to obtain corporate sponsorships for the various special events operated by the Parks and Recreation Department.

    23. Newport News Planning Commission

      Find out information on the City of Newport News Planning Commission.

    24. Newport News Public Library Board of Trustees

      The Library Board shall advise and make recommendations concerning policy and administration to the City Librarian (Director) or the City Manager on any library matter.

    25. Newport News Redevelopment & Housing Authority

      The Redevelopment and Housing Authority is involved in the city and the requirements of the federal government Administration of the Community Development Programs.

    26. Newport News Wetlands Board

      The Wetlands Board's purpose is to protect the city's marshlands and control proposed construction in the marshlands.

    27. Newsome House Museum & Cultural Center BOD

      The Newsome House Museum and Cultural Center Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors purpose is to further and support the programs of the Newsome House Museum and Cultural Center.

    28. North End/Huntington Heights Architectural Review

      The North End / Huntington Heights Architectural Review Board prepares guidelines for standards applicable to land and the exterior of buildings and structures within the North End/Huntington Heights Historic District.

    29. Peninsula Agency on Aging

      The Peninsula Agency of Aging provide a large number of services to the elderly, i.e., nutrition, home delivered meals, education, recreation, etc.

    30. Peninsula Airport Commission

      The commission was created by the Acts of the General Assembly of 1946, Chapter 22 and is responsible for economic development and the day-to-day affairs of Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport.

    31. Reservoir Protection Appeals Committee

      This committee acts as the decision-making body for determining recommendations to City Council for outright requests for buffers or total property acquisition due to hardship claims.

    32. Retirement Board

      View the Retirement Board's meeting schedules and minutes.

    33. Southeastern Virginia Health System

      The Southeastern Virginia Health System works to expand primary care to the medically under served in Census Tracts 301-308 in the East End.

    34. Taxi Advisory Board

      The Taxi Advisory Board was created to review taxi regulations and advise City Council with regard to appropriate provisions of any ordinance pertaining to taxicabs.

    35. Thomas Nelson Community College Board of Directors

      Find details about the Thomas Nelson Community College Board of Directors.

    36. Towing Advisory Board

      The board reviews towing regulations and advises City Council with regard to appropriate provisions of any ordinance pertaining to towing and recovery of vehicles.

    37. Transportation Safety Commission

      The commission recommends to City Council plans for the formulation of a transportation safety programs for the city, periodically reviews the operation and effectiveness of the program and recommends amendments to such program.

    38. USS Newport News Liaison Committee

      The committee liaisons with the Commanding Officer and the crew of the USS Newport News, and is responsible for activities which will ensure a continuous interest in and relationship with the ship, its crew, and the city.

  2. Charter & Organization

    Learn about the City through its charter and organizational structure.

  3. City Code

    View the City of Newport News City Code online.

  4. City Council

  5. Departments & Offices

    Browse through a list of Newport News offices for contact information as well as office responsibilities and services.

    1. Contact Center

      Need to request a city service or ask a question about city related issues such as: trash pickup, street repairs and traffic signals, contact our 311 center.

    2. Budget & Evaluation

      Read and overview and learn the job responsibilities of the Budget and Evaluation Department.

    3. Circuit Court

      See a listing of the services and information offered by the Circuit Court website.

    4. City Clerk

      Learn the responsibilities and meet the staff of the Office of City Clerk.

    5. City Council

      Meet your city council members. Read their bios, education and qualifications.

    6. City Manager

      Read the duties and responsibilities of the City Manager's Office.

    7. Codes Compliance

      Newport News Department of Codes Compliance protects the health, safety and general welfare of the public through the administration and uniform enforcement of laws and regulations related to land use, building construction and property maintenance.

    8. Commissioner of the Revenue

      Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

    9. Commonwealth's Attorney

      Learn about the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and the crime victim and witness assistance services the office provides.

    10. Communications

      Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Communications department.

    11. Development

      Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Department of Development.

    12. Emergency Management

      View information about the roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Management Department.

    13. Engineering

      Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Engineering department.

    14. Finance

      Read the duties and responsibilities of the Finance Department.

    15. Fire

      Read an overview of the Fire Department and their mission.

    16. Human Resources

      Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Human Resources department.

    17. Human Services

      Read the duties and responsibilities of the Human Services department.

    18. Information Technology

      IT accomplishes its mission by developing systems to improve citizen access to information and services and by enabling business units to deliver key services in a more effective and cost efficient manner.

    19. Internal Audit

      The Internal Audit Department helps management maintain the financial and operational integrity of the city by examining and analyzing city financial data, operations, programs, and services.

    20. Juvenile Services

      The Juvenile Services Department's mission is to help young people excel by honoring their inherent worth and building their potential.

    21. Library

    22. Parks, Recreation & Tourism

      The Parks and Recreation Department manages parks and facilities, provides recreational services, hosts programs and events, and much more.

    23. Planning

      The Planning Department staff is responsible for assisting the Planning Commission and the City Council in all aspects of comprehensive and current planning in Newport News.

    24. Police Department

      The City of Newport News' Police Department goal is to provide timely, relevant, and useful information to assist you in learning about your police department and accessing our services.

    25. Public Works

      The Newport News Public Works Department provides services to safely and efficiently manage city infrastructure.

    26. Purchasing

      The Office of Purchasing is responsible for the purchase of all materials, supplies, services, construction, and equipment for all city departments and agencies, and is responsible for the centralized control and disposal of excess, obsolete, and salvageable materials and equipment.

    27. Real Estate Assessor

      The Newport News Real Estate Assessor's Office receives its authority from the Virginia Constitution, various statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Newport News Charter and City Code.

    28. Risk Management

      The Office of Risk Management is responsible for managing risk and liability, including citizen claims.

    29. Sheriff's Office

      There are nearly 200 dedicated and professional employees at the Newport News Sheriff's Office who want to provide you with a safe community in which to live, work and play.

    30. Treasurer

      The Treasurer's Office offers a variety of payment options in regards to fines and taxes.

    31. Voter Registrar

      The Voter Registrar is appointed by the Electoral Board, who, in turn, is appointed by the Circuit Court Judges in the city.

    32. Waterworks

      Learn about the Waterworks Department.

  6. Freedom of Information Act

  7. Public Meetings

  8. State Legislative Priorities

    Learn more about code and charter changes as well as read draft legislation by visiting the Office of the City Manager's State Legislative Priorities page.