Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is part of the Department of Human Resources and serves the City of Newport News general government.

wcomp2The Workers' Compensation Section submits, tracks and reviews workers’ compensation claims to ensure timely reporting and to ensure employee and management compliance with city policies and the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. It also coordinates with the City’s Third Party Administrator's (TPA), physicians, City Attorney, employees, managers, and provides guidance and support to city departments regarding workers’ compensation policies and procedures, alternative duty program to include the handling of occupational exposures.

If an injury occurs during the course of employment:

  • Assess the situation to determine level of care.
  • In case of an emergency the injured person should never attempt to transport themselves, or have their friends or non-medical co-workers transport them to an emergency care medical facility. Call 911 for conditions requiring Emergency Care.
  • Give appropriate first aid.
  • For non-emergency care, direct the employee to employees’ choice of City of Newport News approved medical providers.
  • Click here to file a workers compensation claim.  You will need to log in using your LTS username and password.

All work-related incidents resulting in employee injury or illness and/or property damage must be investigated and reported to the Human Resource department :

Supervisors shall submit a Safety Investigation within 3 working days when:

  • A Worker’s Compensation claim is filed that involves medical treatment (not required for record only claims) 
  • When a supervisor or manager determines there is a lesson to be learned from a specific incident
  • At the request of the Department of Human Resources

Use this link to submit your Safety Investigation 

A Safety Investigation will always be IN ADDITION to any Worker’s Compensation Claim or Accident/Incident report to Risk Management. The purpose of the investigation is to determine WHY an incident happened so that we can prevent similar events from happening in the future. For questions or concerns regarding the Safety Investigation form or technical issues please  email for assistance.