Classification & Compensation

The Classification & Compensation Section of Human Resources is charged with supporting and sustaining our workforce through the administration of the City of Newport News' classification, compensation, and performance management systems.

careerThe Classification & Compensation Section of Human Resources is responsible for developing and maintaining the City's classification system and pay plans, performing classifications and organizational studies, conducting salary surveys, overseeing compliance with Federal, State, and local laws governing wages and hours of work, and preparing a variety of technical reports. In addition, we administer the online job description library as well as the performance management system.

The City's compensation plan is based on the principles of external and internal compensation equity with individual employee compensation actions made in consideration of overall job performance.

Job performance factors include type and level of work performed, progressive growth in level of work performed, how well the employee performs job functions and carries out responsibilities, levels of knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required to competently perform the job, progress in attaining higher levels of knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies, the degree to which the employee meets goals and objectives, the degree to which the employee’s performance furthers City values and goals, conduct and other relevant considerations.

The Classification and Compensation System of the City of Newport News has as its primary objectives:

  • The establishment and maintenance of equitable and competitive compensation levels for each position.
  • Providing the opportunity for progression through a salary range based on the individual employee’s level of skill, general job performance and conduct.
  • Providing opportunities for employee progression to more responsible positions within the City.

The Current Pay Plan is available in PDF format.