Local Rule 89-1

IN RE: Memorandum dated June 29, 1989: Suits for Divorce, Affirmation and Annulment filed on and after July 1, 1989 - Amended
Local Rule 89-1

"Memorandum", dated June 29, 1989 (hereinafter to be Local Rule 89-1) is hereby amended effective immediately to read as follows:

  • On and after July 1, 1989, the body of bills of complaint in suits for divorce, affirmation and annulment should contain one of the hereinafter named allegations:
    • that the defendant resides in Newport News; or,
    • that the parties last lived together or last cohabited in Newport News; or,
    • that the plaintiff resides in Newport News, and
      • the defendant is a non-resident of Virginia, or
      • the whereabouts of the defendant are unknown, or
      • defendant is a party against whom an order of publication may issue pursuant to Code §8.01-316.

    The suit should be instituted in any event. However, unless the bill contains one or more of the foregoing allegations, the cause will be subject to transfer to a venue described in subdivision 19 of Section 8.01-261.

    Pursuant to Rule 1:15, the original of the Memorandum Order shall forthwith be spread upon the Order Book and an attested copy of same shall be:

    • Posted in the Clerk's Office
    • Filed with the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia, and
    • Furnished to Chesapeake, Hampton, James City County-Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Richmond and Virginia Beach Bar Associations for dissemination.

    Entered this 16th day of February, 2001.
    Verbena M. Askew, Judge
    H. Vincent Conway, Jr., Judge
    Robert W. Curran, Judge
    Edward L. Hubbard, Judge
    Randolph T. West, Judge