Doris Miller Community Center



See here for modified Open Recreation hours.

 Monday - Thursday

  • 10:00 AM - 8:30 PM


  • 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM 


  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Doris Miller Pool
Active Lifestyles Doris Miller Community Center


This center offers Instructional Classes, open recreation, sports programs, special events, after school programs, and a summer day camp. The fitness room (ages 18 and over) is designed to develop and/or enhance fitness levels of all participants from beginners to advanced. It includes a multi-gym weight machine, dumbbells and barbells with flat, seated, and adjustable benches; bicycle and treadmill, abdominal machine and neck deck. A two-mile indoor walking track is also available for use in the gymnasium. 


The Doris Miller Pool (outdoor, open summer only) includes a 9,594.5 square foot pool area and 3,333 square foot spray play area. It features a zero depth beach entry and has a maximum depth of five feet. The pool includes many activity features that are found at commercial water parks including geyser sprays, animal sculpture sprayers, a spray tunnel, a 9″11′” tube slide, and spa jet seating area. The pool area has a maximum capacity of 400 people.

Doris Miller Swimming Pool – 2020 Season

Registration – Monday, June 29 – Thursday, July 2, 2020 from 1:00-4:45 pm at the Doris Miller Swimming Pool.

Doris Miller Swimming Pool will be open from Friday, July 3 – Saturday, September 7, 2020.

2020 Pool Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
Pool Open  12:00 pm - Closes 1:20 pm
Pool Closed 1:20 pm - Open 2:00 pm
Pool Open 2:00 pm - Close 3:20 pm
Pool Closed 3:20 pm - Open 4:00 pm
Pool Open 4:00 pm - Close 5:20 pm
Pool Closes at 5:20 pm, patrons off deck 5:30 pm

Pool Open 12:00 pm - Close 1:20 pm
Pool Open 1:20 pm - Close 2:00 pm
Pool Open 2:00 pm - Close 3:20 pm
Pool Open 3:20 pm - Close 4:00 pm
Pool Open 4:00 pm - Close 4:40 pm
Pool closes at 4:40 pm, patrons off deck 4:50 pm

Holiday (July 3 & 4)
Pool Open 1:00 pm - Close 2:20 pm
Pool Closed 2:20 pm - Open 3:00 pm
Pool Open 3:00 pm - Close 4:20 pm
Pool Closes at 4:20 pm, patrons off deck 4:30 pm

Registration Policies & Procedures:

- For the 2020 Summer Season participants must have a valid pool pass for entrance into Doris Miller Swimming Pool.

-      All registration must be completed in person and a parent or legal guardian is required to be present to register any participants under the age of 18. All participants registering must have their picture taken to be eligible to receive their pool pass.  Each participant will be issued a pool pass at the conclusion of the registration process.

-      Registration participants 18 or older must show proof of Newport News residency and age to complete the process:  This can be a Picture ID, Military ID or US Passport.

-       All registration participants 17 and under must register with at least one parent or legal guardian.  The participant must provide proof of Newport News residency, parent and child relationship and age to complete the process:  Proof of identification must be:  Birth Certificate.

Instructional Classes


*    See here for Instructional Classes and registration information.

*    Checks or money orders are to be made payable to the CITY OF NEWPORT NEWS.

*    All classes have a minimum and maximum attendance and are subject to change if there is insufficient enrollment.

*    Check each class description for time frame and meeting days.

*    Call 926-1400 for more Instructional Classes information.

After School Program

Doris Miller is offering an after school program for school age children that promotes social, emotional and physical development. This program will offer home work assistance/computer time, creative arts, craft projects, challenging gym activities, table games, fun excursions, special events and much more.  Sign up today! For more information call 757-926-1400 or register online at