On the Go


Sustainability efforts don’t need to be limited to your home or workplace. Be conscious of your habits when you are out and about, and in between destinations as well. Use your actions to encourage those around you to have a greener state of mind as well. Sustainability begins with you!

Adopt A Spot

Ever notice an area near your business that could be improved? Then, this could be your chance to “Adopt-A-Spot”! Your neighborhood, business, civic league, small association, or community organization can “Adopt-A-Spot” to help keep your community beautiful and litter free! Adopt-A-Spot participants receive a road sign bearing their name at the location to publicly recognize their efforts towards a cleaner, healthier community.

For more information visit our Adopt-A-Spot Program page or call us at 757-933-2311.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Buy local whenever possible. The closer you are to your food and products sources, the less fuel that's needed to get these products from their point of origin to you. Visit our Farmer's Market at City Center May–September to shop for local-sourced products.

Get Rid of Plastic Bags!

You can purchase reusable shopping bags almost anywhere! Certain stores even offer small discounts when you use reusable bags. If you forget your reusable bags, make use of plastic one or two more times. Use them at home for small waste cans, neighborhood litter pickup, or scooping pet poop.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Below is a list of benefits to the environment and your wallet when you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle!

  • Avoid excessive idling (running your engine while not in use) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fuel economy can be improved by as much as 19% by simply installing a clean air filter. Clean or replace air filters. Clogged air filters can reduce fuel economy and acceleration.
  • Regular oil changes save gas and engine wear. Perform regular oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.
  • Consider fuel economy when purchasing a vehicle. Not only does a higher fuel economy rating mean the vehicle helps preserve resources, but it also means a savings on your average gas costs.