At Work


Sustainability at work is as important as sustainability at home! Businesses large and small have an impact on the environment because of the many resources it takes to be operational. As a sustainable business, you can reduce your impact and save money. Check out these ways to make a difference!

Set Up a Recycling Program for your Business

Recycling at work is as important as recycling at home. There are many ways businesses can reduce waste, promote recycling, and save money.

Below are some initial steps to take in order to set a recycling program in your business. Call the Newport News Business Recycling Office at 757-933-2311 for free educational materials or on-site assistance or visit our Business Recycling page for more information.

Establish Your Recycling Potential

  • Look in the trash to determine what is being thrown away.
  • Determine the frequency and amount of the waste disposal service your business currently uses.
  • Develop an environmental policy for your business that gives employees a clear direction of your company's environmental commitment.

Design a User-Friendly Recycling Program

  • Contact a recycling company and have them provide you with a quote and input on how to collect materials.
  • Coordinate with other businesses and/or your property manager to establish a recycling cooperative. Your waste hauler will be able to provide you with information on how to set this up.

Promote the Program & Educate Staff

  • Provide updates on the program in company newsletters and bulletin boards so employees will know that their efforts are making a difference.

Business Recycling Tips

  • Find uses for worn tires (e.g., landscaping, swings)
  • Install LED lighting in your building
  • Reclaim reusable parts from old equipment
  • Donate or sell old furniture to employees or a local charity
  • Set up a system for returning cardboard boxes and foam peanuts to distributors for reuse
  • Use reusable boxes and mailbags for shipping to branch offices, stores, and warehouses
  • Request that deliveries be shipped in returnable containers
  • Route or circulate memos, periodicals and reports, rather than distributing individual copies

Our Recycling Office provides a list of vendors for additional reference.

Adopt A Spot

Ever notice an area near your business that could be improved? Then, this could be your chance to “Adopt-A-Spot”! Your neighborhood, business, civic league, small association, or community organization can “Adopt-A-Spot” to help keep your community beautiful and litter free! Adopt-A-Spot participants receive a road sign bearing their name at the location to publicly recognize their efforts towards a cleaner, healthier community.

For more information visit our Adopt-A-Spot Program page or call us at 757-933-2311.