Strategic Plan

The Hispanic Advisory Committee (HAC) will be seen as a viable catalyst for the Newport News Hispanic Community by providing focus, leadership and advocacy that will foster the development and enrichment of our Newport News Hispanic Community.

Mission Statement
The purpose of this committee is to function as a liaison between city administration and the Hispanic community and to advise and make recommendations to the City Manager on current and future issues, needs, programs and services as they relate to the Hispanic community and to ultimately improve the quality of life for all residents of the city.

Key Strategies
The following critical strategies will be pursued by the committee:
  • Counsel city agencies on community obstacles
  • Evaluate city programs
  • Expand outreach efforts
  • Facilitate communication with city agencies and the Hispanic community
  • Liaise access to city agencies, programs and services
  • Resolve barriers to city programs
Major Goals
The following key targets are achievable goals for the committee to attain during calendar year 2009:
  • Assist working group with formulating volunteer/internship program
  • Conduct one public listening community forum
  • Develop Newport News Hispanic informational tools
  • Facilitate pertinent trainings for committee and working group members
  • Liaise with Department of Human Services
  • Partner with and assist existing public and resource events (health, education and safety)