Actions & Resolutions

City Council actions taken on agenda items for the current calendar year are listed below. If you are interested in actions from previous years, they can be viewed by visiting our Meeting Search page.

  1. April 25
  2. April  11
  3. March 28
  4. March 14
  5. February 28
  6. February 14
  7. January 24
  8. January 10

April 25 Actions & Resolutions

  • Ordinance 7363-17: Authorizing and Directing the City Manager to Execute a Deed of Easement for an Easement Across City-Owned Property Located at 15401 Warwick Boulevard
  • Ordinance 7364-17: Authorizing Conditional Use Permit CU-2017-0010, to City of Newport News, for the Installation of an Electronic Display Sign in Conjunction with a Community Facility in a Park District on Property Located at 570 McLawhorne Drive and 10201 Jefferson Avenue and Zoned P1 Park
  • Ordinance 7365-17: Authorizing Zoning Text Amendment ZT-2017-0003 to the City of Newport News: Amending and Reordaining City Code, Chapter 45, Zoning Ordinance; Article II, Definitions, Section 45-201, Definition of Certain Words and Terms
  • Ordinance 7366-17: Authorizing Zoning Text Amendment ZT-2017-0003 to the City of Newport News: Article IV, Summary of Uses by District, Section 45-402, Summary of Uses by District; Article V, General Regulations, Section 45-524, Adult Uses; and Adding Section 45-536, Nightclubs
  • Ordinance 7367-17: Amending City Code, Chapter 6, Animals and Fowl, Article I, In General, by adding Section 6-9, Noisy animals of birds
  • Resolution 13024-17: Appropriating $1,271,250 from the FY 2017 Bond Authorization, Stormwater Drainage Category ($1,103,750) and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) ($167,500)
  • Resolution 13025-17: Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Any and All Documents Necessary for the Completion of the Hampton Avenue Stream Restoration and Constructed Wetlands Project
  • Resolution 13026-17: Department of Engineering – FY2017 Bond Authorization, Stormwater Drainage Category: Construction of the Main Street Drainage Improvements Project - $2,413,000