Actions & Resolutions

City Council actions taken on agenda items for the current calendar year are listed below. If you are interested in actions from previous years, they can be viewed by visiting our Meeting Search page.

  1. February 23
  2. February 9
  3. January 26
  4. January 12

February 23 Actions & Resolutions

  • Ordinance 7683-21: Ordinance to Continue Emergency Procedures Implemented to Ensure Continuity of City Government During the State of Emergency and Disaster Caused By the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Ordinance 7684-21: Ordinance Authorizing and Directing the City Manager to Execute Amendment No. 1 to the Lease Agreement By and Between the City of Newport News, Virginia and Oyster Point Ventures, Incorporated
  • Ordinance 7685-21: Ordinance Accepting Atkinson Boulevard as A Public Right-of-Way and the Physical Improvements into the City of Newport News, Virginia System of Streets
  • Resolution 13391-21: Resolution Authorizing the City of Newport News, Virginia to Request that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Formally Include Lane Mileage Increases of Identified Streets to the Street Maintenance Inventory
  • Resolution 13392-21: Item 1 of 2: Resolution Authorizing and Directing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement By and Among the City of Newport News, Virginia, the City of Hampton, Virginia and the Peninsula Industrial Finance Corporation to Establish a Revolving Loan Fund
  • Resolution 13393-21: Item 2 of 2: Department of Development – United States Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (US EDA) Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Supplemental Fund – $1,596,000
  • Resolution 13394-21: Department of Engineering – General Obligation Bond Fund: Fiscal Year 2021 Citywide Stormwater Projects – $12,500,000