Funding Guidelines

  1. The Newport News Arts Commission (NNAC) provides funding for programs in the performing and fine arts for organizations that have been in existence for at least one year, with a Board of Directors and visible support from the community. Activities must take place within Newport News or within a reasonable radius of the City of Newport News, or clearly serve the City’s residents. The Commission views its financial assistance as that of a catalyst, helping to augment and strengthen private support of the arts. Support of an organization or project does not imply future Commission support. Application must be made each year, and will be considered in relation to applications submitted by all other organizations. All Commission grants are subject to available funds.

  2. Organizations making multiple requests in the same funding cycle should indicate to the NNAC, at the time of application, an order of priority for the projects. Funding is not available for applicants that are part of the City’s infrastructure. Organizations that receive other funding from the City (City Council or City Departments) may apply for a NNAC grant in the same fiscal year the other funding is received, but this will be taken into consideration when the grants are awarded.

  3. The NNAC provides funding in the following areas to assist organizations of artistic merit in fulfilling their missions by providing funds to maintain their stability and encourage their advancement.
    1. General Operating Support:
    2. * For organizations three years old or less, funding will not exceed 10% of the previous year’s General Operating Support cash income, less NNAC support.
      * For established organizations (more than three years old), funding will not exceed 25% of the previous year’s General Operating Support cash income, less NNAC support. Most grantees receive much less than 25% of their income.
      * The minimum grant award is $500.
    3. Special Project Grants: Designed to provide funding support to eligible organizations for special activities, especially projects targeting students and special audiences.
      * Funding for special project grant applications will not exceed 50% of the project budget.
      * The minimum grant award is $500.
      * Projects that take place within the City of Newport News will receive higher priority.
  4. All applications will be judged according to the following criteria:
  5. - quality of the program or project;
    - managerial and fiscal competence of the organization, including the capability of the organization to carry out the proposal;
    - service to the public, including the number of people served, particularly Newport News residents;
    - scarcity or availability of comparable programs or services in the City; and
    - nature and extent of other available public and private support, whether monetary, in-kind, membership, etc.

  6. Grant awards may be used only for those programs or purposes specified in the application and approved by the NNAC. A signed application form is the applicant’s agreement to do what is described in the application. If an organization undergoes a substantive change in its mission, its artistic leadership, or its management as described in the approved grant application during the grant period, the NNAC must be notified. The Commission reserves the right to recommend adjustment to grant funding if, in the Commission’s opinion, these changes alter the purpose for which funds were awarded, or the Commission may require the grantee to submit justification for continuing to receive the grant funds.

  7. The NNAC reserves the right to request the return of all or part of any grant award for noncompliance with the specified terms and conditions of the award. Any leftover monies not used for the program(s) or purpose(s) specified in the application and approved by the NNAC, must be returned to the NNAC by Friday, June 30, 2017 with a check made payable to the City of Newport News. 

  8. Checks should be mailed to:
    Newport News Arts Commission
    Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
    Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center
    2410 Wickham Avenue
    Newport News, VA 23607

  9. All arts and cultural organizations receiving funds must publish the following credit:
  10. XXXXX receives funding from the Newport News Arts Commission and City of Newport News.

  11. Questions should be directed to the NNAC liaison, Joanne Palmeira, at 757-247-8950.

  12. Revised 03/15