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Shelter Manager: Roger Iles
Superintendent of Operations: Amy Burnup 
Operations Supervisor: Jacob Ervin
Media/Marketing & Adoption Coordinator Tiffany Webb:


From the Director-

Welcome to the PRAS website! Allow me to take a moment and introduce myself; my name is Roger Iles and I am the Animal Shelter Manager.

The four jurisdictions that own and operate this facility are Hampton, York County, Poquoson and Newport News.

With our mission to Rehome, Reunite and Reeducate, we offer and provide life-saving resources and humane outcomes to those animals in need.

In 2012 work began on the 30,000 sq. ft. facility, comprised of 90 dog Kennels and 180 cat units in this state of the art facility.

On January 5th 2015 we opened our doors to our community partners and soon found ourselves in full operations.

With an active Volunteer and Foster program supporting our operations; we continue to build on our successes by placing adoptable animals back into our communities.

In addition, we provide continuing educational workshops to our volunteers, as well as hands on work related experiences that support local community agencies.

If you are just coming to visit or if you are looking for that perfect companion, we are here to answer your questions.

Roger W. Iles, Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter Manager

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter FY 20 Annual Report